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Buying Advice

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Looking to buy a new Ford and need advice? Check our guides.

Here at Ford-Mania we have some very talented knowledegable people who have owned many of the Ford models of distinction from an Escort Mk1 to the new Focus RS MK3 with everything in between.


We are keen to tap into this knowledge place, to help both existing and newcomers to the Ford scene and in particular the support network provided by Ford-Mania as members group.


With this in mind, we are delighted to provide a number of buying guides which can be found by selecting the button link on the right hand side.


Some information may now be slightly be out of date, but if you feel you can help contribute then please contact us. I hope you find them useful. #goplay

We can't wait to hear from you and perhaps your first purchase 
and be part of a great Ford community!
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