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Gazebo Donations

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So  late in 2021 we launched a campaign to replace our  Gazebo - for the last 5 years our Coleman has served us well but looks a bit tired with  the rods extensively damaged. This page is dedicated to anyone who has helped raise our target of £230 to obtain a new 3x3 gazebo ready for the 2022 and years beyond shows and events. 

If you wish to donate still you can via the link below

Roll of Appreciation

Ste Holland                         6th October 2021      £20

Sir Richard Scott                7th October 2021      £20

Jack Terry                           7th October 2021      £10

Rich and Becky Harrison    7th October 2021      £20

Sho Galvin                           7th October 2021      £20

Belinda Cartwright             7th October 2021      £20

John Foot                            8th October 2021      £20

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