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Sierra Cosworth 3dr

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Produced: 1985-1986, 6021 produced.

Types: Hatchback, 3 doors, 5 seats

In 1985 Ford announced the first in a line of very special and what would turn out to be controversial performance models built in conjunction with Cosworth, the all new Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. The Sierra RS Cosworth used the unpopular Sierra three door hatchback body which was ideal for such a sporting model.

The three door body provided a stiff chassis into which Ford could slot the unique Cosworth 2.0 litre, overhead camshaft engine. The 2.0 litre unit produced a staggering 204bhp thanks to its use of turbo charging. Motorsport tuners and enthusiasts quickly found ways of boosting power by uprating the engine management system, known as "Chipping".

From the outside the Sierra RS Cosworth left little to the imagination thanks to its alloy wheels, flared bodywork and the huge tailgate spoiler which looked like an aircraft wing! Production of this the original Ford-Cosworth continued until 1986 when it was briefly replaced by the RS500 version.


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